Group Transportation in Winnipeg, MB

Pure Transit Services Ltd is strongly committed to providing quality charter bus group transportation, outstanding customer service, positive employee relations and the highest level of safety possible. As a local Winnipeg Company, we have a variety of resources available to our customers. We continue to offer a level of local support that is unmatched by other bus companies around Manitoba.

Pure Transit employs a “safety first’ rule. All employees strive to identify the safest possible way to operate, approaching safety from a salubrious point of view, from the passengers to the workplace. Employee training programs stress our commitment to safety. Our pledge of safety resonates throughout the organization, from our drivers to the board room. As part of normal operations, Pure Transit Services Ltd conducts an exhaustive employee background screening process, extensive driver safety training, and continuous defensive safety training to ensure that only the most qualified drivers and staff are employed with Pure Transit.

For city tours of Winnipeg, MB and beyond, you can’t do better than Pure Transit Services Ltd. From casino tours, to student transportation for a field trip, we can handle it all. We offer compatible prices and discounts, superior customer service, and 24/7 availability.


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